A360 Desktop Version Expiration

Autodesk is constantly striving to deliver great software for people who make things. To ensure we are delivering at our best, we periodically review our current offerings to determine where best to focus our energy and resources. So we can focus on our new cloud technologies, we are planning to discontinue the A360 Desktop application. A360 Desktop is responsible for synchronizing data on your desktop with A360 Drive online. If you are not running A360 Desktop, or syncing files with A360 Drive, this expiration will not affect you.

The first step in discontinuing A360 Desktop is to begin expiring older Windows OS versions over the next few months. You can identify your A360 Desktop version by right-clicking on the icon in the system tray, and selecting “Preferences” to see the version number.

  • Versions starting with 4, released with 2014 products: Expire June 7th, 2017.
  • Versions starting with 5, released with 2015 products: Expire July 26th, 2017.

Note: We will update this page with any date changes or version information.

If you are using A360 Desktop, your data will remain available online in A360 Drive, but it will no longer be synchronized with your desktop. Optionally, you can update to the latest version of A360 Desktop to extend the service. Please visit our A360 Desktop Releases page for more information on how to obtain and install this update.


I don’t use A360 Desktop, or sync files with A360 Drive. How can I prevent A360 Desktop from running in Windows, and stop expiration notifications?

  • The recommended way to stop A360 Desktop from running is to remove it from your start up programs.
    • In the system tray, right click on the A360 Desktop icon and click on “Preferences…”. Under “Application” uncheck “Start A360 Desktop when I log on to Windows”. This will disable the A360 Drive Desktop component from starting up when you start your computer. A restart is needed - if you do not restart your computer the sync component will still be running and syncing files.

Why are you discontinuing A360 Desktop?

  • We are focusing our efforts on new capabilities, these will be announced in the coming months.

When are you discontinuing A360 Desktop?

  • We do not have a fixed date at this time. We will be monitoring the impact of this change on our customers, and will be adjusting our plan accordingly.

How will the expiration affect my current installed Autodesk products if I do not update?

  • Your Autodesk A360 Drive folder will no longer synchronize with A360 Drive online. However, both your local data and online data remain available.
  • Autodesk AutoCAD settings sync will no longer function.
  • The Autodesk AutoCAD “Share Document” feature will no longer be available from within the product.

I need A360 Drive sync capability to support my existing workflows. How can I maintain this capability?

  • We are offering a special update. Please visit our A360 Desktop Releases page for more information on how to obtain and install this update.

Is there a compatible update for Microsoft Windows XP users?

  • Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP, so our newly developed updates that use latest security patches are no longer compatible. This means that A360 Desktop will no longer function on Windows XP desktops after the version 4 expiration date. Please visit this page for more details on Microsoft’s end of life communication for Windows XP.

Do I need to download data I have in A360 Drive?

  • No. This change does not affect data you already have online. Data in your local folder will also remain as-is.

I have more questions – where can I go for more support?

  • We will update this FAQ with answers to any common questions, or if there is updated information.
  • You may also visit the forums to ask questions.